Kenyon Gough Chartered Surveyors

Commercial Building Surveys 

Commercial building surveys are required when you purchase a building or acquire a lease.

We will spend time at a property thoroughly inspecting each element of the building both externally and internally. We assess the present condition of the property and provide advice on its future performance. We work with our clients in order to establish whether or not the building is appropriate for their needs. We provide a detailed report with accompanying photographs to help our clients make an informed decision as to whether or not they should acquire the building.

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Featured Case Study

We were contacted by a client who had the opportunity to take a lease on their ideal property. Despite our client’s eagerness to secure this property they knew they needed to be fully informed as to the condition of the building before signing the lease.

To start with we carried out a full building survey of the property. Our client was aware of cosmetic issues with the building that would need to be addressed but the survey also raised issues in regard to required repairs, the Equality Act 2010 and fire safety. For example:

  1. The boiler had reached the end of its theoretical life expectancy and required replacing in the short term. The flue to the boiler was made of asbestos which would require removing by an experienced company.
  2. The party wall with the neighbouring property needed building up to the underside of the rafters in the loft space to ensure the security and fire resistance of the building.
  3. There were no accessible WCs and most of the building could not be accessed without walking up steps. We recommended that an access audit be undertaken and a management plan prepared to demonstrate that access issues had been properly considered.
  4. The fire escape route from the building crossed two neighbouring properties. The fact the escape route could become blocked was highlighted as a risk so that consideration could be given as to how this would be managed.
  5. The report also highlighted 16 legal matters our client needed clarification on from their legal adviser before taking on the property.
  6. This client used the significant defects we identified to renegotiate the terms of the lease.