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Defect diagnosis

Typically, our clients approach us with a problem with their building for example a leaking roof.

We inspect the building and establish the cause of the problem and provide a full report which helps our clients understand the reasons for the problem, and details the possible solutions for remedying the defect. We can also provide budget costs for the options.

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Featured Case Study

We are able to diagnose the cause of defects within a building and specify the most appropriate way to resolve them.

We have had a couple of clients approach us who were experiencing leaks through their roof. One was responsible for maintaining the roof over a social club in Stockport and the other was responsible for maintaining the roof over a low-rise apartment block in Bramhall.

The members of both committees had differing views as to the cause of the leaks, the extent of the problem and what to do about it given the funds they had access to. What they needed was a professional, independent view of the defects and a detailed guide as to how to resolve the problems.

We carried out an inspection of the buildings taking an holistic approach to diagnosing the cause of the leaks. We established the cause of the problems and provided our clients with comprehensive defect diagnosis reports, which also included options on the remedial work along with budget costs for the various options.

We presented the reports at committee meetings in order to ensure all the members understood the report and had their questions about the identified issues answered.
One client decided to carry out patch repairs to the roof, which would give them a few years in which to save up for a full replacement. The other client decided to use the report to seek funding for the extensive remedial work that was required.